Margaret Shaw - Flora Cards and Bookmarks

Here are the Flora cards and bookmarks I have available.  The cards are A6 size, come with envelopes and are cello wrapped.  They cost £2.00 each.  The bookmarks are laminated and cello wrapped and cost £2.50 each.  The overall minimum order is £10.  Complete the purchase form with the numbers of cards and bookmarks you wish to order .  Submit the form.  Once received I will invoice you for the amount due.  When I receive your monies, I will post out the items.

Flora Cards and Bookmarks

Apple Blossom A6 Card - £2.00 each

Bees on Sea Holly A6 Card - £2.00 each

Berries in Lichen A6 Card - £2.00 each

Bleeding Poppy A6 Card - £2.00 each

Blue Turkeys A6 Card - £2.00 each

Bonnets A6 Card - £2.00 each

Entwined Iris A6 Card - £2.00 each

Five Fairy Caps A6 Card - £2.00 each

Ink Caps A6 Card - £2.00 each

Magical Musrooms A6 Card - £2.00 each

Poppies A6 Card - £2.00 each

Poppies Poppys A6 Card - £2.00 each

Purple Pasques A6 Card - £2.00 each

Scarlet Elf Cup A6 Card - £2.00 each

Seven Field Mushrooms A6 Card - £2.00 each

Seven Snowdrops A6 Card - £2.00 each

Sunflower A6 Card - £2.00 each

Three Waxcaps A6 Card - £2.00 each

Velvet Shanks A6 Card - £2.00 each

Water Lilies A6 Card - £2.00 each

Winter Berries and Lichen A6 Card - £2.00 each

Purple Flora Bookmark - £2.50 each

White Flora Bookmark - £2.50 each

Red Flora Bookmark - £2.50 each

Yellow Flora Bookmark - £2.50 each

Field Mushrooms Bookmark - £2.50 each

Wood Mushrooms Bookmark - £2.50 each

Fabulous Fungi Bookmark - £2.50 each

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Apple Blossom

Entwined Iris 

Blue Turkeys

Ink Caps


Purple Pasques

Seven Field Mushrooms


Berries in Lichen

Three Waxcaps

Velvet Shanks

Purple Flora Bookmark

Field Mushrooms Bookmark

Yellow Flora Bookmark

Fabulous Fungi Bookmark

Bees on Sea Holly

Bleeding Poppy


Poppies Poppys 

 Five Fairy Caps

Scarlet Elf Cup

Magical Musrooms

Water Lilies

Seven Snowdrops

Winter Berries and Lichen


Wood Mushrooms Bookmark

White Flora Bookmark

 Red Flora Bookmark