Margaret Shaw - Sunset Cards and Bookmarks

Here are the Sunsetcards and bookmarks I have available.  The cards are A6 size, come with envelopes and are cello wrapped.  They cost £2.00 each.  The bookmarks are laminated and cello wrapped and cost £2.50 each.  The overall minimum order is £10.  Complete the purchase form by selecting the numbers of cards and bookmarks you wish to order. Submit the form.  Once received I will invoice you for the amount due.  When I receive your monies, I will post out the items.

Sunset Cards and Bookmarks

As the Sun Starts to Set Card - £2.00 each

Eden Sunset Card - £2.00 each

Forest Evening Card - £2.00 each

Forest Sunset Card - £2.00 each

Last Sail Card - £2.00 each

Lenticular Sunset Card - £2.00 each

Moody Blues 3 Card - £2.00 each

Peach Sunset Findhorn Card £2.00 each

Peach Sunset Findhorn Too Card - £2.00 each

Reflections at Sundown Card - £2.00 each

Setting over the Rocks Card - £2.00 each

Sunset Sail Card - £2.00 each

Ullswater Glow Card - £2.00 each

Ullswater Yacht Card - £2.00 each

Wharton Sunset Card - £2.00 each

Ocean Sundown Card - £2.00 each

After the Sunset - Ullswater A6 Card

Sunsets over Water Bookmark - £2.50 each

Pastel Sunsets Bookmark - £2.50 each

Fire in the Skies Bookmark - £2.50 each

Moody Blues 2 Bookmark - £2.50 each

Yacht Silhouette Bookmark - £2.50 each

Ullswater Evenings Bookmark - £2.50 each

Ambleside Dusk Bookmark - £2.50 each

 As the Sun Starts to Set

 Forest Evening

Last Sail

Moody Blues 3

Peach Sunset Findhorn Too

 Setting over the Rocks 

 Ullswater Glow

Wharton Sunset

After the Sunset - Ullswater

Sunsets over Water

Fire in the Skies

Yacht Silhouette

Ambleside Dusk

Eden Sunset 

 Forest Sunset

Lenticular Sunset 

Peach Sunset Findhorn 

Reflections at Sundown

 Sunset Sail 

Ullswater Yacht

Ocean Sundown

Pastel Sunsets

Moody Blues 2 


Ullswater Evenings