Margaret Shaw - Butterfly Cards and Bookmarks

Here are the Butterfly cards and bookmarks I have available.  The cards are A6 size, come with envelopes and are cello wrapped.  They cost £2.00 each.  The bookmarks are laminated and cello wrapped and cost £2.50 each.  The overall minimum order is £10.  Complete the purchase form with thenumber of each item you wish to order and submit the form.  Once received I will invoice you for the amount due.  When I receive your monies, I will post out the items.

Butterfly Cards and Bookmarks

2 bees a bloom and a butterfly card - £2.00 each

Butterfly and Daisy Card - £2.00 each

Butterfly and Daisy Too Card - £2.00 each

Golden Butterfly too card - £2.00 each

Peacocks Card - £2.00 each

Peacock Card - £2.00 each

Smardale Butterflies - 22 Card - £2.00 each

Butterfly Bookmark 1 - £2.50 each

Butterfly Bookmark 2 - £2.50 each

Butterfly Bookmark 3 - £2.50 each

2 bees a bloom and a butterfly

 Butterfly and Daisy Too


Smardale Butterflies - 22

Butterfly Bookmark 2

Butterfly and Daisy

Golden Butterfly too



Butterfly Bookmark 3

 Butterfly Bookmark 1