Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Let's Draw - Three Cats One Moon - in Pencil

Welcome to my "Three Cats One Moon" let’s draw tutorial using just one pencil and a few other basic materials.

To do this you’ll need:

  • A smooth support to put your work on – a piece of hardboard or a piece of thick cardboard. It needs to be smooth or else your drawing will show the patterns from a rough surface underneath. 2 sides from a cereal box stuck together will work.
  • A pencil ideally with a HB or 2B lead. Can be a propelling pencil. Most pencils generally available are HB.
  • A pencil sharpener if you’re not using a propelling pencil.
  • An eraser and some scissors (you’re going to cut a small piece off the eraser).
  • A piece of A4 Paper. If you have drawing/ sketching paper that’s great, but if not, any paper will be fine. Drawing/ sketching paper is usually thicker and therefore is a bit more robust and will take more punishment with the eraser.
  • A clip to hold your paper to the support. Alternatively stick along the edges of your paper with masking tape.
  • Tracing Paper if you’d like to trace the outline drawing provided or if you want to transfer your own outline drawing to a clean sheet.
  • A ruler.

If you need to view the finished piece or the outline drawing the following pages will open in a new window:

If you want a printed copy, on a pc right click on the image, select save picture as and put it in a location on your device.
Phone and tablets - however you would normally download an image from the internet.

Let's start the tutorial.